Friday, August 29, 2008

My Cat is Really Smart

by Anne

I just want you all to know, that the previous blank post, titled simply "\" was written and published entirely by Oscar walking on my laptop. It brings a tear to the eye. They grow up so fast. He also just turned my phone off by stepping on it. Someone wants Mommy's undivided attention.


toooooo bad none of it is hockey related.

Anyhoot, I am now the proud owner of a brand new used 2003 Kia Spectra. Its pretty sexy. The radio doesn't really work that well, but the CD player does and its low on mileage. I've named him Jarome. Yes, after Jarome Iginla. but don't tell him, I'm not sure how a bad-ass mohawk wearing man such as himself would feel about having a mid-size dark grey car with a poorly functioning radio and a tear in the driver's seat named after him. It'll be our little secret. The windows of my new car are tinted which is kind of awkward because never in a billion years would I ever voluntarily have my windows tinted. That's just LAME.


JK when I said there was no hockey news. So Cap'n Stu has decided to put down the stick and pick up a clipboard. Stuuuuuu will be behind the bench as an assistant coach of some kind with the Stars this season. Awwww. Stuuuuuu, you will be missed. :(

We'll miss ya Stu. We already do :(

He's a great guy and a great hockey player. Fortunately he's signed a 2 year contract to work for the Stars as an assistant coach, so he won't be away from the NHL.

I imagine for most players this kind of transition is ideal. A lengthy career and a job coaching with the team you're retiring from. Well, its ideal if you're interested in coaching and your family wants to stay in that area, that is. We all remember what a good guy Stu Barnes is and how sad he was to leave the Sabres, so I'm extra happy for him. He's got the kind of career I'd love to see a player like Gaustad have. He was never a scoring leader but he was reliable, likeable and charitable, the kind of player and human being you want to have around. Congrats, Stu!

Buff State was chock full of Sabres sweatshirts and t-shirts today, myself included. Proving 2 things: 1. It was cold and it made people think of hockey and 2. ITS ALMOST SEPTEMBER WHICH MEANS ITS ALMOST TRAINING CAMP WHICH MEANS ITS ALMOST PRESEASON WHICH MEANS ITS ALMOST THE REGULAR SEASON!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!


Have a nice long weekend everyone. If you see a grey Kia Spectra in Buffalo, give me a wave!

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  1. Once my dog walked on my laptop and changed the language to Arabic and it took me a really long time to get everything back to english. Now I have a strict policy that the dog stays far away from my computer.


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