Friday, August 22, 2008


by Anne

YO. Why must TSN constantly torture me?


And, Stefan Legein is probably like sick or never actually wanted to play hockey, it sucks for the Blue Jackets that they lost him, but if Legein lost the drive to continue to challenge himself and grow in the sport, then you don't want that type of player on your team. It's too bad. I don't really know where he ranks on their promising young prospects list, it'd be interesting to see the Sabres comparison.

I'm super pumped about the possibility of Buffalo hosting the 2010-2011 World Juniors. It probably won't happen because awesome stuff like that never happens to Buffalo, but I'm excited that we're on the short list. It'll probably go to St. Paul, MN because its Minnesota, which is like the United States hockey capital.

I'm hopeful that the attention would make Buffalo seem better and less "dying" and "decaying". I always get paranoid about these things because you never know how its going to turn out. If by some miracle we are awarded the games, we need to TURN IT OUT and make sure that we trick out the city for the event. What's the city-wide equivalent of spinning rims? There are lots of less desirable situations right around the Arena and Dwyer isn't exactly in the middle of a bustling metropolis. What about the fact that HSBC Arena is obviously an NHL rink, not an international hockey sized rink? Dilemmas, dilemmas. Also, not my issue to resolve. SWEET. OMG IF I STILL WORK AT THE ARENA THEN (which I probably won't) CAN I SELL BEER TO SWEDISH MEN?!?!?!?! LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN BOYS AND GIRLS!!

Classes start on Monday. BFF Adam and I went shopping for cute school supplies. We're 23 and (almost 22), he's starting grad school and I'm returning for basically a 2nd bachelor's/beginning of a master's degree and he'll be carrying a High School Musical notebook to one of his classes while I'll be rocking a Chuck Norris notebook/folder combo as well as a "Shane" from Camp Rock duet. WE'RE NOT SO SECRETLY RESENTFUL THAT WE WERE BORN IN '85 AND '86 AND NOT '95 AND '96. He loves Hannah Montana and I love the Jonas Brothers, he thinks Zac Efron is straight and I think Selena Gomez is a way better match for Nick Jonas than Miley Cyrus is. This also stems from the fact that we teach high school students and we can't help but get involved in such super fun trends. WE'RE REALLY NOT ALL THAT COOL BUT TEENAGERS THINKS WE ARE AND ISN'T THAT REALLY WHAT'S IMPORTANT?


  1. Don't worry Anne, we're not over Big Bear either! When I watched that video, I was like clutching my heart to keep it from bursting from all the cuteness.

    PS- I know what you mean about school shopping! Why am I still excited by it when I am almost 22?! My friends and I were totally psyched to go to Staples last week. Our purchases weren't Disney themed, but when we relized we had to kill time before dinner, we were like, "We could go to Staples... STAPLES?! WOOOO!!!"

  2. I was distubed by the Chuck Norris notebook, I can't lie. However, I was grateful that there were no Bratz doll images anywhere to be found?!?
    Mama Peg

  3. You can never get over Big Bear...


  4. My students have also gotten me into a number of oddball things over the years. I often start out looking at them just so I can converse but some of it's not bad. I like the Jonas Brothers and I loved the first High School Musical so yeah... right there with you.

  5. Oh Big Bear!!! Come back!! I miss you so much!!

  6. Big bear is a godless killing machine, but he holds a place in all of our hearts


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