Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Peace OUT, Girl Scout

by Anne

YESSSS. Just when I was seriously contemplating taking a vaycay from hockey, I hop over to TSN and see a beautiful, beautiful story:


Ha! Even the Russians know Emery isn't a long-term gamble. 1 year! Weeell that might mean he'll be back in the NHL after that... eh I'll have forgotten about him by then... nope, that's a lie.

The creation of this new Russian Continental League may one day depress me, but as it stands its taken 2 of my least favorite players OUTTA HERE!

See ya!


  1. Emery. Emery. Emmmmmmmmmery.


  2. Its a shame that Sean Avery didn't sign with the Russians this time. Then this would be the sweetest season ever!

  3. Oh... he's gone... for now? You've made me so happy. Not so much marrying you like MJ, but close. And I second s(h)ara and jennifer.

  4. The ONLY thing I will miss about Emery is chanting his name at Sabres games.

    Seriously, this news made my day.


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