Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

by Anne

While most of you consider today to be a mostly meaningless holiday, right up there with Labor Day and Veteran's Day, I consider this day to be the most important of all holidays. Its magnitude is EPIC, you just might not know yet why.

Why? Do I have some freakish patriotism? Am I president of the Thomas Jefferson fan club?


Because today is my BIRTHDAY!! YAY!!! I'm not one to generally go ape over my birthday, but it needed to be brought up to illustrate a point:

Dear Darcy Regier,

Hey, it's Anne. I know we've never met, but we've been a part of each others lives for a long time now. Whether or not you realize it, you and I are in a long-term committed relationship. Therefore, it seems only fitting that you, Mr. Regier, and your lackey, Larry Quinn should feel OBLIGATED to get me, lowly fan Anne (hey that rhymes!) a present for this, my incredibly significant 23rd birthday. What would I like? Funny you should ask...

Well, Moms and Pops already got me the newly released DVD version of The Sword in the Stone and a New York and Company gift card. So those are checked off the list.

Let's seeee, what else is left.... oh yeah!

BIG BEAR is 23!! Sign him!!

Aaaand Pie-YAY was 23 when me made this masterful facial expression.

Therefore, Darcy, it seems only right that on this 4th of July, this day of American independence, this, my 23rd birthday, I should receive from YOU, a Canadian, 2 Canadian players to hold tight to my heart for multiple years to come.

Also, our country was founded in Philadelphia... therefore it seems that, as Philly took our Captain last summer, we should take their's in 2008:

Jason Smith was a finalist for one of our dreamboatiest defensemen in the East

Also, his nick name is "Gator" that's totally awesome. I love animal nick names. BIG BEAR!

Anyway Darcy, I don't think my birthday wishlist will TOTALLY break the bank, so if you could do something for me, I'd appreciate it! Thanks! You're the best!




  1. I love that Jason Smith's nickname is Gator. If he's signed by the Sabres, we'd have a bear, a goose, a gator and a pommerdoodle in the locker room. Lindy wouldn't know whether he's a coach or an animal control officer!

  2. Happy Birthday, Anne!

    I think your birthday list is totally within reason - Darcy should get started on that immediately if not sooner!


    Sorry 'bout Big Bear.

    Jason Smith it totally smokin and my friend knows him from way back. maybe she can put in a good word for Buffalo? LOL


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