Thursday, July 17, 2008


by Anne

Word up. I can also connect to the internet with the same password thingy that I could use in Chicago. $7 well spent.

Umm if only I had something to say.... hmmmmm.

I really want some coffee. I love coffee.

Yesssss. There's a girl? boy? (I can't tell) wearing a Pominville t-shirt. I think its a girl. Word up, I'm back amongst my kind. There's a restaurant here called "Slapshotz" in the Detroit airport, the first hockey reference I've seen in Hockeytown, USA.

For a hot second I contemplated buying a Michigan State tshirt and then I realized that's totally ridiculous. This is the 2nd time in my whole life I've been in the state of Michigan, the first was Monday.

A woman next to me is on the phone and she's kind of freaking out about something. She apparently is enroute to some city, maybe Buffalo, for something that she just found out was cancelled. Whoops.

So I entered like October - the begninng of February into iCal and I'm noticing a lot more gaps of like 3 and 4 days than we had this past season. Is this all in my head? We have a few weeks of a game Saturday and then not again until Wednesday. There are some longer road trips that seem a little crazy but who am I to judge the NHL's scheduling brilliance? January once again has some lengthy time on the road. But we'll get to see some IGGY! I really do like that we play all the teams now. It just makes sense that way. Woop! The "at large" thing is kind of weird, but eh? I don't particularly care one way or the other.

Anyway, I have nothing of relevance to say other than I'm still excited about Pie and I'm glad to be heading back to Buffalo. Wooohoooo! See y'all in Buffalo right soon!


  1. I miss big fat burley big bear!!!! So will I see you at the Buffalo/Vancouver game?

    I'm afraid that Burley Bear maybe upset and sad at that game. I'm going to cheer for him.

  2. I will totally be at the Vancouver game... if I can get tickets without selling my first born. BIG BEAR! I still love him but my heart is over flowing with joy over Goose/Pie/Millsey, so I'm ok with it. YAY!


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