Friday, June 20, 2008


by Anne

So I was supposed to do the whole first round of hottness team, but that's gonna have to wait til tomorrow.

I was delivered some unpleasant news about my future education, and it's not pretty. In short I have to take LOTS of extra classes. . ICK.

I've been retooling my schedule all morning. Somehow I'm taking 18 credits but I'm finished by noon every day...? Whatev, I'll take it. It'll give me more time to watch hockey....?

Whatevs. And I can't find my camera to bring tonight. I can actually find my camera chord but not the camera itself. Great. Awesome. I have to go teach now. I need Starbucks. Yes, tasty tasty Starbucks. mmmmmm and BIG BEAR.


  1. POMMERDOODLE!!!!!!!

    Your undergrad was not a waste of time, it was sweeeeeet. And hey you didn't pay for it!

    We're in the opposite um boat? I have my camera and no cord.

    OK BYE

  2. I need Starbucks. Yes, tasty tasty Starbucks.

    Starbucks makes everything better (that and Big Bear)!

  3. Nice spelling of cord there, loser.


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