Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Week in the Life, Day 1

by Anne


Here I shall take you on Day 1 of my OH SO EXCITING FAST-PACED LIFE

Day 1.

10:15 - The To-Do List

I awoke around 9:00 and messed around on the laptop for about an hour before heading downstairs to find a patented Mom To-Do List. On the list? Give the dog his anti-biotic, wrapped in cheese, of course:

This To-Do list is not nearly so involved as the ones from when I was, say, 13, but still, I instantly felt like a teenager all over again. Aw, Moms.

2:45 - At the Bank with Jimmy

We had to stop at the bank to kill time while waiting for his sister to get home from school. Jimmy finished with school on Friday, Ellie's last day is Tuesday.

The bank is at the end of my street, our neighbor (in the red) is a hockey fanatic, and the usual afternoon game of street hockey was going on in the parking lot. See! Hockey! In a hockey blog! Woop!

3:45 - At Wegman's with Jimmy and Ellie

Saturday, Jimmy and I decided to make dinner on Monday, and as he and his sister are a packaged deal, she came along as well.

6:30 - Dinner is served.

We made dinner for my parents and Jimmy and Ellie's Mom. Dinner was turkey burgers, pasta salad and tossed salad and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

9:00-After dinner I attempted to restore my computer to health, with no success. It's off to the genius bar tomorrow with you, Isaac.

10:30 - And I finished the day the way I started it: giving Nicholas his evening pill

PHEW! What a WHIRLWIND day. Ok, I will admit being ontop of making dinner and instructing a 9 year old and a 10 year old and keeping them involved in cooking is rather tiring. Tomorrow I go to work, then teach then the Apple store to fix my sicky laptop :(

It's sure to be 10,000,000,000x more exciting than today..... ?

For MK:

It's ALMOST taking a nap together...?



    Yo way to be with Jimmy and Ellie like all the time. You're a trooper.

  2. I SHOULD BE NOMINATED FOR SAINTHOOD FOR THE AMOUNT OF TIME I SPEND WITH THOSE CHILDREN. I mean... uhhhh...I love them very much... and its a joy to be with them ALL THE TIME.

  3. homemade chocolate chip cookies.

    I wish I was making dinner with you! haha

    It's sure to be 10,000,000,000x more exciting than today..... ?

    Hey, it's 10,000,000,000x more exciting than my life, where yesterday I slept, put heat packs on my sore muscles, and spent way too much money on makeup. At least your day involved productive things (and hockey!) haha

  4. Katie, the day is not COMPLETE without hockey!

    I didn't have homemade cookies, but I did have strawberry shortcake... and ice cream.


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