Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sick Puppies and Crazy Weather

by Anne

So I have 2 dogs and our mascot, my cat Oscar. For your viewing pleasure:

Our Fearless Mascot, Oscar, aged 1

Queen of All She Sees, and Nicholas' mommy, Lucky, aged 12

Nicholas, aged (almost) 10

Nicholas has had a rough year. About a year ago he had a huuuuuuge (it weighed like 3 pounds, and he only weighed about 30) tumor and his spleen removed, then he went blind. So, all in all, the boy's health is not great. However, you'd never know it from seeing him. He's still the excessively lazy, relaxed, easy-going pillow of love he was before. He doesn't like being on beds anymore because he can't see the edges, but I just picked him up and held him in my lap in the middle of this post and he was fine, as long as I kept rubbing his belly. The other night he got really really sick so I stayed home all day yesterday to watch him and then take him to the vet. Now I'm staying home this morning before teaching this afternoon to hear back from the vet with his test results. Goofy puppy, he's probably fine. He's acting totally normal today.

That hail was NUTS yesterday. I live in Kenmore where we got about 5 minutes of pea-sized hail but there was like CRAZY huge hail in Williamsville and down in like Hamburg and Medina. CRAZY. I've never seen hail that big before like the pictures they showed from Amherst. It was the size of golf balls! It was so freakin' loud. My animals did not appreciate it, except Lucky, who's deaf and doesn't care, but she HATES lightning. Yes, I have a deaf dog and a blind dog, its quite an adventure trying to get them to follow you somewhere.

This has nothing to do with hockey. SO:

I watched the presser with Darcy and director of amateur scouting, Kevin Devine yesterday. They gave some interesting insight. Basically they said that they would be looking for the strongest player available at the moment, not just the position they want to fill. Although they did say that they were probably going to get a defenseman or a forward with their first pick, not a goaltender. I think that's obviously the best way to go about it.

They've explored the possibility of moving up or even moving back in the draft, but they implied that its more of a "on draft day" move. Mr. Devine also said that the first round takes 3 hours. He looked utterly deflated when he said that too. Hahaha. 3 hours to choose 30 people. Good gravy.

There's going to be a camp for their newly drafted prospects and newly signed prospects next week starting Wednesday. Drew Stafford will also be there. Is that because he had a bad season and he's being demoted? Haha. I'm guessing its probably, well, it probably is that, and because he's young player who's experienced what they're doing who isn't having babies or getting married this summer. And he sucked out loud at the end of the season and was scratched for the last game. Lindy has specifically called him out in interviews for not listening to him in shootouts and things like that. So, Staffy gets to go back to the basics. It'll probably be good for him. I hope who ever he rooms with like to snuggle. I WILL NEVER STOP SPREADING THAT RUMOR.

Yesterday they talked about how they wanted Staffers in the 2004 draft but they didn't think they could get him and fortunately a few teams took players that were ranked lower which bumped Staffy down so that we could get him. Thanks, other teams! We appreciate it!

Yesterday they also talked about Doof (Mike Weber) and how he gave a great interview for them and that's probably why they drafted him as high as they did because they spoke to his GM and to teammates about him and his work ethic. Aw, Doof! Good job!

So, that's that. I'm sure there will be plenty said about who we'll take with our 13th pick over the next few days. In my heart of hearts I want one of those top defensemen and we just might get one, there are 9 defensemen in the top 10, and we're #13, Stamkos will most likely go to Tampa, but Tampa needs defense, so it might not go that way. Anyway, Stamkos will go first probably, Filatov, the top Russian skater, could go top 5, and if some team really needs a goalie then we might get one of those top 10 defensemen. I hope!!

Thomas Mccullom is a Buffalo (well, Sanborn) native who's the #1 ranked North American goaltender. They showed an interview with him on one of the news stations yesterday. It really makes me proud of Buffalo when I see all these talented players coming out of here. Yay! I hope he's drafted high. He'll probably go late 1st round or 2nd round. Yay!

Anyhoot, thanks for the suggestions for our First Round Team. They'll be up on Friday!

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