Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the Winner Is...

by Anne

It started out as a landslide, but tapered off into a neck and neck battle for 2nd and 3rd place.

Jason Pominville is the gentleman most of you would call to be your knight in shining armor to rescue you from the drunken losers with too much gel in their hair and too many buttons undone on their shirts at SoHo on a Saturday night.

Your knight in shining armor

Oh No! Pommer didn't answer his phone! Who do you call?

An even number flipped a coin between Pat Kaleta and Steve Bernier. My #1 choice would be Big Bear, but Kaleta would've been #2.

In a surprise to me, Nathan Paetsch came in 4th with only 1 vote fewer than Patty and Big Bear.

Because all but a couple of you know that Mikey-poo's heart body soul and eyebrows belong exclusively to M.J., he came in 5th.

I'm not sure what our next poll will be but I'll wait for a good one to come to me rather than just toss up a lame one. This one might actually be HOCKEY related. I know, crazy, right?

Moving on:

As I was walking into my building this morning, I got a Sabres text asking me to submit questions to Nathan Gerbe by 7:00 p.m. My first instinct was to ask him "DEAR NATHAN WHY WON'T YOU BE MY FACEBOOK FRIEND?!?!" but decided that probabaly would not make it through the screeners to dear Gerb-Doggy-Dogg's questionnaire. I'm not sure what I'll ask but I'm 3 for 3 on random questions asked of Sabres via blogs and/or I'm going to try to avoid any questions about size. SIZE DOESN'T MATTER.....UNLESS YOU'RE TYLER MYERS.... THEN I'M ALL ABOUT IT.

So the camp is open to the public from 3-5 everyday (I think) I'm ALL ABOUT heading up to Dwyer on Saturday, Sunday or Monday if there is going to be availability for wacko Buffalo fans.

OH YEAH! Channel 4 told me last night that Senator Clinton has submitted a letter throwing Buffalo's hat into the ring of host cities for the 2011 World Juniors (AKA IIHF World Under 20 Championships) I don' t think we'll get the nod, as there aren't really enough facilities (WE CAN TOTALLY BUILD SOME!!!)but the fact that its a possibilty is REALLY exciting to me, because I LOVE international competition, especially living in Canada's front yard (or is Canada our BACK YARD?!?!) and it's pretty cool that Hillary has offered up her constiuent city for it. Thanks, Hill! We appreciate it! Sorry about the whole "not getting the Democratic Presidential Nomination" thing.

I have my camera again! You all missed out on the EXCITING photos of my HOUR spent at the Genius Bar as they ERASED but ultimately repaired my laptop.



  1. hahahah - I just commented to the last post and this one popped up!! yes!! Thank you Anne for continuing to keep me entertained.

    I still can't believe Mikey poo didn't get more votes. IS THERE NO LOVE FOR THE FUTURE EX?????

  2. God bless Senator Clinton!!!!!! Someone knows whats up.

    I totally voted for Big Bear! As much as I love Kaleta, I'm not sure I would feel safe calling him. Steve B seems like a good choice. Although, Pommers would probably drop everything to rescue us...

  3. I'm sure Pommers would fly swiftly to our aid...but its the whole "makin' his move" thing that makes my shy away from Pommer. I love Pommer like the big brother who protects you and makes bad things go away... so that wouldn't work out.


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