Thursday, May 15, 2008


by Anne

Ok, seriously folks, this is TOTALLY unacceptable.

I traverse my way over to and start checking to see which of our beloved bloggers have purchase sponsorship of our beloved Sabres. And what's THIS I SEE?!?!?!??!?!?!

The vast majority of our boys remain UNSPONSORED!!!!

WHAT? I took the fool's root and purchased sponsorship for 2 players who don't even have contracts because I think they're swell. NO ONE WANTS TO OWN TONI LYDMAN? What about TEPPO?!?!?! This is TRAGIC.

We need to remedy this situation. I will leave a running tally of our Sabres who remain unsponsored in the side of this blog and I will not REST until they are all claimed*

Sidenote, why in GOD's name does it cost $40 for Jocelyn Thibault? Teppo I understand, Millsey, I'm totally with ya, but TBONE? Whatevs.

Hahahah Chris Drury only costs $10 and no one wants him. HA!

Ry-ry lays unclaimed, but I don't know if I should attempt to buy him, lest I incur the rath of some rabid Penguins fan...hmmm.
Come ON! STEVE SHIELDS is sponsored by

*It does take a little time for a sponsorship to appear on the site, so I might be a little premature in my admonishment of my fellow fans and bloggers, but I shall not tire in my quest!


  1. I promise to own a Sabre!!!!! Thomas was taken. I'm so upset! My next thought was Toni. I'll need to re-check.

  2. I guess I need to get in on this!! Hmmmm...Matthew Barnaby was my first favorite Sabre, and right now he's calling to me from his place on that AWESOME-ly bad "Enforcers" show.

  3. Dani, might I recommend a linemate of Thomas's? He and Roysie had several of them. Stafford, Kotalik?

    Matthew Barnaby is up for grabs, never fear, Katie! He can be yours!!

  4. If Mike Weber cracks the starting line-up of the big team this year, I'm going to sponsor him. He'll fit in nicely with my collection of defensive defensemen who will attract no traffic at all because no one cares about their stats :-D

    I almost bought Toni so I had the complete defensive pairing but I ran out of money. If no one's picked him up later, I might still do it.

    I looked at Teppo but I don't think I can do a $40 sponsorship unless he agrees to stop by the house for a visit or something.


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