Wednesday, April 30, 2008


by Anne

Well THIS might explain why we haven't been seeing as much of "Sean Avery the Agitator".

That's no joke peeps.

Get better soon you scummy little dirtbag. No, for real though, all hating of you as a hockey player aside, that's scary.

And YO, why is Millsey EVERY WHERE these days? Doesn't he understand that he can take a break? No, probably not, he probably doesn't know how. Just watch his hands the entire interview. Yo, and MILLSEY LOOK AT THE CAMERA ONCE IN A WHILE. It's kind of weird to watch an interview with him where he's smiling and not lamenting a bad hockey game.

Private to Sean Avery:

Don't worry, once you're better and back next season, I'll go right back to hating your guts. For now, get better.


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  1. That Sean Avery thing had me freaked out. When I first saw it this morning, it was still reporting that he was in cardiac arrest, so that was even worse. As much as I dislike the little punk on the ice, I would never want anything bad to happen to him off of it.

    Just watch his hands the entire interview. Yo, and MILLSEY LOOK AT THE CAMERA ONCE IN A WHILE.

    I love how Millsey does nothing to shake the image of him as a freakishly intesne, driven individual. But I mean that with love.

    I never find Millsey attractive like some little puck bunnies...until he starts talking about his charity. There's something so sweetly earnest about him that it just melts my heart.


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