Monday, April 21, 2008


by Anne

Here's my OPP (Obligatory Playoff Paragraph):

Congratulations to Dallas for advancing! STUUUUUUUUUUUU gets the game/series winner! Yay! Well done Flames to force a Game 7! Kipper with a shutout! Woo! I'm really excited for this Game 7 on Tuesday!

Phew, glad that's over, back to scouring my brain and the internets for Sabres related stories:

Congratulations to Team Austria! They advance to the Big Show next season of the IIHF World Championships. Too bad the Sabres will be in the playoffs next season so they won't have SabreBritney helping them out. He finished the tournament 4th in scoring, tied for 1st with his teammate in goals (5+5), 6 PIM and +2. Well done, Thomas! Hurry back to Buffalo! Yay!

I wonder if the appeal of hockey players is universal? Do women in Innsbruck go gaga over Dieter Kalt the way I go nuts for Pommerdoodle? Are there bloggers in Vienna that yammer on about what Christoph Brandner needs to do to improve his game?

Speaking of Pommer, here's a totally unrelated picture of him I've saved for a while. I waited all season for him to score some wacky crazy goal for me to have a reason to post a picture of him with MacGyver hair:

Lookin' snappy, Pommer.

Pommer will need all the love vibes we can send him these days. It's been revealed that Goose has a sports hernia and will not be playing in the World Championship. Look for Pommer to have a tragic emotional breakdown. Maybe Staffy's sleepcuddling habit will help. I've heard of these "sports hernias" but have no idea what they are. Here's Wikipedia with the answer:

Athletic pubalgia, also called the sportman's hernia or sports hernia, Gilmore's groin or groin disruption, is a medical condition of the groin affecting athletes... It is a syndrome characterized by chronic groin pain in athletes and a dilated superficial ring of the inguinal canal.

Unfortunately, Goose will probably have to have surgery as early as the coming week. But, with rehab he should be ok by next season. I wonder if he'll be in Buffalo and need someone with an excellent bedside manner to play nurse... Oh Goooo-oooose! I'm available to nurse you back to health! I'd love to check the um, area, that's healing. ;-)


  1. ha ha ha Pommers....

    Don't you hate these hockey wives? They always look so miserable. Once I saw these blonde bimbos on AM Buffalo (Bills wives). They were so miserable, they didn't smile. Except the one girl who was super adorable and had a baby. I'm like... hello? How can you not smile when your talking to Linda Pellegrino?!

  2. Anne, you will totally have to get in line behind me to help Goose heal his injured...area!! =)

    Look for Pommer to have a tragic emotional breakdown.

    How funny is it that right after I read about poor Goose my response was "Oh no! Pommers is going to be so lonely!" Maybe I'll have to ditch finals and sneak up to Canada and keep him company...haha

    Speaking of Pommers...great picture!! However, it does give me bad Justin Guarini American Idol flashbacks...The boys must give him never-ending grief for that look!!

  3. I'm afraid of Pommers' hair in that photo. It's like he took his curlies and straightened them out. It is crazy. I much prefer the poodle-ly look.


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