Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why, oh Why?

by Anne

I live in what I guess is the equivalent of the Bronze Age of cable TV. I have MSG and Versus, but do not have Center Ice. Therefore, I am at the mercy of the network programmers to determine which playoff series I will endure enjoy.

I can watch Game 1 of Pittsburgh v. Ottawa and Game 5. Games 2-4? Out of luck.

However, between Versus and NBC, I can watch ALL of Philly v. Washington. Great. I sort of like the Caps, and I wanted them to get in, but now that they are, I don't care as much. Can they beat Philly? I'm not sure, but I can't watch Danny Briere be a hero again.

Anyhow, it appears my first-round playoff loyalties will change wildly and hourly:

Wednesday April 9, 2008
Oooo, 2 divisional boyfriends playing in one night! Can my heart take it? Yes.

7:00 Pens for the CUP! Sid! Geno! Ryan!

10:00 Calgary Flames! JAROME, FTW!

Thursday April 10, 2008

7:00 Nashville or BUST! Go Jason Arnott...what? he's cute.

10:00 Go Ducks! RECLAIM YOUR CUP!
(Sorry, I know they're scummy, but I still like them a little)

Friday April 11, 2008

7:00 Ovie for the Conn Smythe!

9:00 Go Wild!! Shovel that snow!

Saturday April 12, 2008

2:00 Maybe I'll switch things up and cheer for Detroit.... nahhhhhh.

7:00: Go Les Habitants! WIN IT ALL!

Sunday April 13, 2008

2:00 Go Caps, again?

(Yes, to be "Brodeur'd" is now a verb)

10:00 Go Flames! Burn those Sharks!

Monday April 14, 2008

7:00 Go Nashville?
I never thought I'd dedicate so much energy to cheering for the Nashville Predators

10:00 Forget Gaborik! Go Forsbe- ugh, no way. Go Wild!

Tuesday April 15, 2008

7:00 Ugh, go caps...I guess, just don't let me see Jeff Carter's smug face if he scores a goal.

10:00 Again? I'll know more about the Minnesota Wild after this round than I ever dreamed was possible.

Wednesday April 16, 2008
This is getting ridiculous

7:00 Go Devils. woooooooooo.. Go Zach.
Woo, an early night

Thursday April 17, 2008

7:00 Good GOD, go Caps? I do NOT want to root for the Caps this much.

10:00 Go Flames! Wooo Jarome! I hope I care more then than I do now!

Friday April 18, 2008

7:30 I'm gonna go ahead and assume that if the Nashville/Detroit series isn't over yet, it's about to be

10:30 Go Ducks? Whatevskis, I'll say go STARS

Saturday April 19, 2008

1:00 I absolutely refuse to cheer for the Caps again

7:00 I'll be at a birthday party, but Go Pens!

Sunday April 20, 2008

TBD: I hope the Rangers get Brodeur'd and this series is already over

3:00 If Detroit hasn't already won, then they're just not trying

TBD: I hope Jarome has already eaten his Soup

Monday April 21, 2008
What do you mean we're still in the 1st Round? I'm exhausted.

TBD: I'm gonna go ahead and assume the Washington/ Philly series is over, and even if its not, I'm going to pretend it is.

Tuesday April 22, 2008
The Cup Finals are Here!!....wait, seriously, still Round 1?

Woooo! I can't watch any of the last games!

All of the series are probably over by now.

Good GOD, I got tired from switching loyalties just writing this. Fortunately, the teams are diminished by 1/2 each time so I'll be less schizophrenic. My sister had to convince me not to get Center Ice just to watch the Pens games.

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