Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey, Hey U-S-A!

by Anne

So 17 players were named to Team USA today with QUITE a few familiar faces. From

Among the 17 players named are three of the top-10 rookie point getters in the National Hockey League, including forwards Patrick Kane (Buffalo, N.Y./Chicago Blackhawks/1st, 21-51-82) and Peter Mueller (Bloomington, Minn./Phoenix Coyotes/4th, 22-32—54) and defenseman Tom Gilbert (Minneapolis, Minn./Edmonton Oilers/10th, 13-20—33).

Team USA’s roster features nine players who have previously played in the IIHF World Championship. The group includes defensemen Keith Ballard (Baudette, Minn./Phoenix Coyotes/2004, 2007) and Matt Greene (Grand Ledge, Mich./Edmonton Oilers/2007); forwards David Backes (Minneapolis, Minn./St. Louis Blues/2007), Dustin Brown (Ithaca, N.Y./Los Angeles Kings/2006, 2004), Jeff Halpern (Potomac, Md./Tampa Bay Lightning/2005, 2004, 2000-01), Patrick O’Sullivan (Winston Salem, N.C./Los Angeles Kings/2006), Drew Stafford (Milwaukee, Wis./Buffalo Sabres/2006), Lee Stempniak (West Seneca, N.Y./St. Louis Blues/2007); and goaltender Craig Anderson (Park Ridge, Ill./Florida Panthers/2006)

In addition, 14 of the 17 players are 25 years old or younger, including defensemen Ballard, Greene, Gilbert and James Wisniewski (Canton, Mich./Chicago Blackhawks); forwards Backes, David Booth (Detroit, Mich./Florida Panthers), Brown, Dustin Byfuglien (Minneapolis, Minn./Chicago Blackhawks), Kane, Mueller, O’Sullivan, Jason Pominville (Buffalo, N.Y./Buffalo Sabres), Stafford and Stempniak.

Rounding out the first group of players named to the U.S. roster is Paul Gaustad (Fargo, N.D./ Buffalo Sabres).

This article implies Pommer is FROM Buffalo. Interesting...I guess you can't really put that he was born in Quebec. And no one but a Sabres fan would ever know, actually.

Woooo!!! Staffy! Pommer! Goose! Kaner! Stampy! Wooooo! Buffalo representin'.

Sidenote, Goose is old and has never played with the IIHF so he gets his own paragraph? Haha. No word on Millsey yet. John Tortorella's evil plan may not have worked. Anderson does have the NHL record for most shots without allowing a goal. He had like 92 or something. Wowzas.


  1. I like the fact that they're burying the fact that Pommers was born in Canada. But I guess it wouldn't be good PR to have a member of Team USA listed as being born in Quebec.

  2. Probably not. I don't really care as long as it gives the USA a better chance at a medal. And I love Pommer, he's a good person to represent the USA. And it's all because he can't be without Goose. We all know it.

  3. it's odd that they picked Buffalo as his birthplace. Obviously he is Quebecois, but his mom is from.. Wisonsin I think, hence the dual citizenship. Good ole Pommers, way to go! :)

  4. I really need to know if these games are gonna be on TV. They can't tease me with all of these adorable boys playing together and not let us watch!

    And yes, Anne, Pommer's main reason for playing for the USA is totally his Goose-related separation anxiety!

  5. s.a.m., I was thinking the same thing. I hadn't thought about it before I saw that he said he was from Buffalo, but later on I was wondering why he didn't put the city his mom is from or something? Hey, I don't mind adding Pommerdoodle to the list of Buffalo natives in the NHL, haha.


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