Sunday, March 16, 2008

There's no SabreHockey for 3 whole days?!

by Anne

So, my St. Patty's day was kinda lame. I drank too much and while I had some fun, not nearly as much fun as last year. It's all good. I was feeling the effects all day today though, blagh.

I had to volunteer at something downtown this afternoon so I couldn't watch the Pens game, which is a bummer because it had 2 things that I enjoy:

Cheering for the Penguins


Cheering against the Flyers

Woo! Go Pens Go! I like Sid the Kid, I'm more of an Ovechkin or Malkin girl myself, but I still like Sid. However, howwwwwever, 14 goals in 2 games...neither game played with Sid? I don't want to go into ridiculous theories over here about how Our Lord and Savior messes with his teammates heads or how the Penguins game plan for most games is "Give puck to Crosby, score goals, win." But it is quite telling that they've had their best run of scoring and winning in years all without him. Perchance the Penguins should take a look around and see that, while he's still their best player, maybe, just maybe, they might have a good team, even without him.

I would like to share yet another of those "Well done,, well done." moments:

For those who cannot read it, the caption reads "Drew Stafford (photo: Getty Images)"

I will pay you a bazillion dollars if you can find Drew Stafford in this photo. I know they're busy and have lots of photos to sift through, but there's only 1 Sabre in this photo and his back is to the camera. His back, where his name is. Ha.

The Lightning on Wednesday. While it's not crucial that we beat them, its one of those games that's a moral victory. After being royally trounced be the Kings this season, it has become all the more apparent that one must beat teams that are in the dregs of the standings, if for no other reason than its pretty embarrassing if you don't. Although, Tampa has Mike Smith in goal now, along with some other new forwards, but no Brad Richards, so this is a different Tampa Bay Lightning than the team we played earlier in the season. But, still, YOU HAVE TO BEAT THEM. BEAT 'EM GOOD! BOO TAMPA BOO!

Anne, what did you say?

Uh, um, what? Nothing. I would never say anything to offend my South East Division Boyfriend....Ok, I'll admit it, I did say that I wanted your team to lose. But, only because we'll make more good use out of the points than you will. That came out wrong.

Oh. I see.

No! Vinny Don't! I'm sorry, here, I'll make it up to you. I'll post an adorably swoon-worthy series of pictures of you:

Even whilst bleeding, Vinny never loses his intensity

Pratters won that cup with you! I mean, uh, no more Sabres talk. Yay, Vinny!

Vinny and Marty are BFFL (best friends for life), it's their comical height difference that brings them together

On and off the ice:

Vinny explains why he loves me Marty St. Louis. Marty gazes adoringly.

He also plays golf...and rocks a mean tan

Look at that smile, le sigh

I am totally overcome by how adorable this picture is

Ok, Vinny, is that better?

Yes ::sniff:: I'm touched.

I'm glad, Vinny, I'm glad.


  1. Hee! That's a great series of pictures. :) Also, my favorite part of that Vinny and Marty interview by far is when Vinny starts talking about how they have a song.

  2. Ha! Marty gets all like embarrassed because Vinny talks about how they have a song. How could you be embarrassed by "Don't Stop Beleving?" And Vinny's like, yeah, we have a song, why are you denying our GuyLove now, on national television?

  3. Vinny<3333333333

    That is one of my top 5 youtube videos, along with... yeah I know... Spezza's. Can't deny his adorkable giggle.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. (Comment version 2.0)

    Vinny Ahoy!

    What an entertaining post, Anne. :) I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    and I hope the Sabres beat Tampa Bay.. I mean yo- it's TB! and we seem to have been decent against them this year.

    I'll be AT that game, and I hate to tell y'all this but the last time I SAW Mike Smith play live and in person, he scored a goal. yeah, you read that right, the goalie scored a goal. and he got a shutout. And his first professional win. It was back in Lexington of the ECHL in 2002. Crazy, eh?

    So I'm hoping that my being there on Wed will make him revert back to ECHL style play which the Sabres will easily dominate. Who knows?
    (but NO goals, got that Smitty?!)


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