Monday, March 3, 2008

Since I've Given Up

by Anne

I'm really mad.

Let's go back to early February, shall we? I was feeling good- March was going to be a great month, to start things off, my boss was going to be in Los Angeles for the entire month, I was going to get a lot of filing and cleaning done, and take many many days off. It was going to be great. The Sabres were going to rocket up the standings and trading Soupy was going to bring us young depth stay at home defensemen. Yo-yo was going to Captain us to the playoffs and beyond.

Fast forward to March 2:

My boss' trial was adjourned until July, therefore leaving him in Buffalo for the month, my filing is completely backed up and my desk is a disaster. The Sabres are at the top of the list of teams that aren't in the playoffs, Soupy's trade did bring us BIG BEAR but our defense is looking a little thin. Yo-yo's been out for 5 games and Staffy is not at all trying to solidify his hold on my heart and Max is doing nothing to convince me we shouldn't have traded him.

On the plus side:

Wow, little Pommer's all growed up.

It really is surprising to me to see him rockin' the C. Not that he doesn't deserve it, because as Lind-o said, he really has been one of our most solidly consistent players this season. Even though he isn't on pace to score 34 goals again this season, he's cracked the 20 barrier and has 40 assists, 6 more than last season. He's only 8 points shy of last season's total. Uh, that's still pretty flippin' good. It's just surprising to me because I still think of him as being a baby player. And, really, how old is he? 25? That is pretty dang young. And Sissy, my Sissy and S(h)ara's Roysie are rockin' the "A"s. Brilliant.

In this not so hot season, Roysie's numbers are also pretty bangin', he's already beaten last season's goals by 4, and he's 8 assists shy of last season's total and only 5 points behind his total count for last season as well. Goose, Kotalik and Mair have already matched or beaten their season totals in points from last season. I mean Timmy Connolly has 40x as many points this season as last! Oh yeah, he only played in 2 games last, whatev, it still sounds cool. So, what's the problem exactly, Sabres? It's that your forwards can't play the defensive side of the game, isn't it? It is, just admit it. You know you'll feel better when you do.

This also brings me joy:

Ha, Patty.

OMG, what a terrible picture. If I knew Pat Kaleta I would print it and frame it for him. It's not the photograph itself that brings me joy, (although it is pretty entertaining) its the fact that I've now been in attendance for every NHL goal Patrick Kaleta has ever scored. Granted, I did attend a game in between, but so far, I seem to be his good luck charm. As my friend Dan put it: "Kaleta, you want to be a 40 goal scorer? Get me season tickets." They could be anywhere, stick me in the last row of section 327, that's fine. I think its a worthwhile investment on his part.

Paetsch actually played fairly well yesterday, he didn't turn over the puck nearly as much as I anticipated he would. In the 3rd period Lindy switched out Kalinin for Paetsch with Sissy and it seemed to work better than before. Notice, the 3rd period was stronger for us than the previous 2, even though we didn't SCORE A GOAL.

Oh god, we play Philly on Tuesday. Ugh. That's terrible.

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  1. I love that picture of Kaleta!!!!!


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