Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What do you mean this doesn't mean we get to be #1?

by Anne

First, a few random thoughts from tonight's game:

Yo, Timmy, what's up with the fu manchu? As MK said: "Yo, where is his wife and/or girlfriend to get on top of that?"

After Ottawa scored, Grizz took personal offense, so he scored one like half a minute later. HOT. Grizz!

Pommerdoodle really loves chewing on his mouth guard, he must have some kind of oral fixation issues. Maybe he needs a new chew toy.

Who else really wanted Pratters to just beat the living snot out of Chris Neil?

I enjoy that the tribute video to Mike Robitaille was from "circa 1975." I love that it was "circa" does Roby not remember being traded to Vancouver and just took a "shot in the dark" guess at when he became Canuck?

That win felt great, it was a nice recovery from Sunday's game. 6 Sabres had 2 or more points on the night and no Sabres were a minus. Wowza.

That usual post-big-trade jump was felt in Carolina as they beat Boston, but not in Ottawa. Ha, I bet the 'Canes GM has a big ol' smile on his face after tonight. Maybe that trade wasn't such a great idea, Bryan Murray. Hahaha.

Soupy's agent is Ottawa based, and there was some murmuring that there would be some talking about contracts today. He said in a pregame interview that he was planning to be a Buffalo Sabre next season. JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY!

Our 3rd place BAMF was nominated by S(h)ara. For taking a serious header into the boards, drawing out the trainers and not missing a shift, Sissy, you are our 3rd place man of BAMF. Enjoy your prize:

Protect that head in bronzed Grecian style

Our Silver Surfer of Bamfness was going to go to Millsey, but upon further investigation and reflection, and thanks to Britney's comments in his intermission interview, I pass on the Silver BAMF award to the Sabres' goaltending coach: Jim Corsi. For training Millsey and excellently scouting Ray "Ew" Emery, I honor you with this award to blind the opposition with your BAMFness:

Flash 'em yo' grillz, Cor-Z

This face is SCREAMING for a grill

Can there be any doubt as to who the Goldmember of BAMF is? Oh Thomas "SabreBritney:"Vanek. Words cannot express how proud I am of you. 3 goals tonight! 2 on the power play! I didn't realize until the post-game Lindy Ruff interview that this was your first career hat trick! I just assumed you had one last year. Wait, Staffy scored a hat trick before you? I find that surprising, but I'm so proud of you Britters! That was your best game of the season, and you really delivered! Having Timmy skating with you and Roysie seems to be doing wonders for you. I still think Staffy rocks hard too with you guys, but that's not what's important right now. BRITNEY! KEEPIN' THOSE BABIES. Enjoy your Golden King Midas hat:

Snazzy, no?

Happy Birthday Roby! 6-0! Woo!


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