Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Game Day: Sabres at Bruins

by Anne

I think we need to have a team meeting.

Ok, boys: Boston tonight. And as you all know, Boston is currently hogging your spot in the playoffs. Yes, I know we're 1-3-0 against Boston this season (thanks again for that goal, Grizz!) but I still believe that we can rally the troops and come up big in this one! Yes, I know I have a cutesy nickname for their goaltender, but I can refrain from calling Timothy Thomas Jr. "TimTom" if you want me to. I know how that bothers you, Pommerdoodle.

So, how have your efforts at keeping team unity tight been? Max, how's the needlepoint coming on those letters for Yo-yo's jersey? Timmy! Those gatorade bottles filled yet? Great! See? Team Unity at its finest. Patches! Stop putting laxatives in Kalinin's protein shakes, he can see you. Petey! Stop styling your hair and sit down. Millsey, the crutches are a nice touch, but I don't think Savard is going to fall for it, good effort though. Staffy, no, you cannot melt their faces with your guitar, I'm sure that's against the rules. Roysie, those rocket launchers you had installed in your shoulder pads do make you look pretty bad-ass, I agree, you can keep those. All right team! Yeah!

Captain Yo-yo has yet to face Boston as a Captain, so let's give him a big win! Ok everyone! I gotta get back to work, lots of filing to do at the office so let's hear from Captain Yo-yo! Bye! Wooo! Go Sabres!

...............................ok can they hear me? No? ok, good.

In the words of S(h)ara, I'm feeling very fatalistic about tonight's game. Crucial divisional games where standings are so tight always make me nervous. One team I really wanted to win this week came up big and did win (woo Giants!), so does this mean that the Sabres will lose? Ack! Although, the Penguins lost last night, so there's two teams I only marginally care about that have covered the losing and winning ends of things. So I continue to be lost in this sea of confusion over tonight's game's outcome.
Totally random photo I've been trying to work into a post but I can't think of a way, so here it is:
Does anyone else feel it might be frowned upon to wear a kippah with a slug on it to shul?

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