Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Bear's Big Bite

by Anne

Ok, so Big Bear's favorite food, as widely reported by KSylv and MSG, is steak. This means he will fit in well with the Buffalo Sabres as, when asked, almost every single Sabre names steak as their favorite food. I hope the Chophouse is prepared. Big Bear likes his steaks rare, he clearly has the taste for blood. RAR!

Also one of Big Bear's favorite foods is this:

Um, ew?

Ok, true true, I cannot judge, I've never tried "poutine" but it does not look remotely appetizing to me. It really looks like french fries with marshmallows and orange marmalade. It's what? I'm hearing that French fries, cheese curds and gravy is what it really is.

It is quite popular in Quebec as comfort food. However, being that Pommerdoodle, Big Bear, Gragnani and perhaps a few other randoms in the region bring the French Canadian population of Western New York up to roughly 12, (14 when Marty Biron and Danny Briere come to visit) there isn't much of a demand for Quebecois' comfort food.

However! Never fret, Big Bear! Should you continue to be SWEET, and stay in Buffalo, I promise you that, before long, there will be at least one restaurant who will serve this pile of whatnot and name it after you.

Lest we forget:

The Dominator spiced up our lives

Little Dougie Flutie wanted to be a part of this complete breakfast


Yo, even when I was like 12, I thought this was weird

S(h)ara reports that Staffy, my Staffy has his own dish at Chef's restaurant, which is a Buffalo institution and extremely popular amongst we Buffalonians.

So, there ya go, Big Bear, it won't be long until you've brought poutine and all its freaky glory to Buffalo.


  1. Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it! Poutine is good. Very, very good. It's fries and half melted chunks of cheese covered in a special kind of gravy sauce. But all poutine is not created equal,and to be ubergood, you need to get it from a chip stand...

  2. i enjoy my very poor grammar in that previous comment, haha

  3. Soph, you're right, I can't judge. Perhaps Big Bear and I can have a wacky adventure of making poutine together, but it isn't be as good as in Quebec City, yet for some reason we eat it all anyway and giggle and regret how full we are. It's gonna be a magical evening we'll share. We should also play 2 handed euchre. It'll be awesome.


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