Friday, January 4, 2008

BAMF: The Early Days (Part One)

Disclaimer: Many of these nicknames were not created by us, they were first viewed on the websites of the Willful Caboose and Interchangeable Parts.

A long, long time ago, Anne and Sara decided to choose a BAMF, to borrow a phrase from Mr. Dane Cook, (or Bad-Ass-Mo-Fo) for each Sabres game. Anne got the brainstorm during a game and laid out her predictions for the likelihood of a certain Sabre being selected as BAMF.

Guaranteed to be BAMF more than once: Pratt, The Soup, Millsy (Miller), Sissy Space-K, Goose, TimmyHo

Guaranteed to be BAMF at least once: Max, Vanek, Hank the Tank, Pommerdoodle, Kotalik, Mair, Staffy, and Yo-Yo (Hecht)

Those that will probably be BAMF, but most likely only once: Lydman, T-Bo, Roy, Pie-yay, Paetsch

Those that probably won't ever be BAMF, for a variety of reasons: Petey, Ryan

And then came the predicitons for the Anaheim game:

If Millsy receives the BabyMillsy shutout, plus his usually all around excellent play, he shall be BAMF

Should BabyMillsy get one past Millsy or if Millsy sucks out loud during the game then depending on their play we predict the following could take the prize: Yo-Yo (Sara), Pratt (Anne)

Honorable mentions for potential BAMF-itude include Kotalik and Connolly or Paille because his name is pie-yay and we just like saying it.

Hopes were high for this game, SabreNation. It was brother against brother, east against west, flying slug over lame duck...

...and Sabres fans wept. Thus, the Time Out Chair was born.

There will be no game BAMF. We were thoroughly disgusted with their performance last night and declare there shall be no game BAMF. Therefore we will declare a new policy.

When we win, a game BAMF will be declared. When we lose, we will declare game "You need to Sit in the Corner and Think about What You've Done" or, rather, who needs to sit in the Time-Out Chair ("T-OC")

It'll be tough as we played ABYSSMALLY after the 1st. The 1st wasn't terrible. It wasn't good but it wasn't terrible. I want to give the award to the whole team but my vote for the game T-OC goes to basically the entire defense. 4-1 Sabres? Really? Come on now, that’s pathetic. From everything I read, it seems that the Sabres seemed to just lie down and take it last night. Come on ladies, let’s step it up.

We would like to single out Sissy, who got 2 penalties in a row, one of which got the Ducks the game winning goal, and the refs get the T-OC for letting the Sabes down. Not calling penalties or watching Millsy's crease.

Anne almost gave the T-OC to Petey for all the fighting but Parros is just so damn ugly, she can't blame him, she wanted to punch the guy too. This video provides one of the only moments of joy of this game. It actually made us laugh and if you make us laugh during an awful game, we can't give you the T-OC.

But, we're total softies, so this is the image we choose to leave the Anaheim game with:

Hug it out, boys.

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